thE rEst Of my lifE?

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

Do you think it is true? Just lately I’ve realize that I’m about to start the rest of my life. Not with whom but with what? I’m not going to get married or anything?! The people who will mostly react on this quote would be the ones who are getting married, but not me. I’ll be beginning my life towards being a total independent woman. Next week I’ll be moving out of my father’s house. I’ll be staying with my new found friends. We decided to move in even though we just known each other for only a few months. And to tell you frankly I’m a bit scared. But never the less I still need to face my fears. I can’t be dependent to my parents every time. People say I’m independent enough, that I could come up and decide all things by myself. But I’m currently in a foreign country with no one to ask help to. I just pray and hope that I can surpass this alone.

Of all things, I know, I always tend to forget HIM. He always gives me strength, courage, and wisdom so that I could move on without stumbling too much. I got a lot to learn about life.

Now the rest of my life is going to start and I’m going to start it with the special people with me. I wish us all the best on this road we choose to take. I’m happy I’ll be traveling down this road with the both of you.

Archived date: July 1, 2007


A Gangster’s Prayer

Heavenly father, please hear me tonight. I need so much guidance to live my life right. Sometimes the pressure is so hard to bear. I often wonder if anyone cares. How can I wake up and face the new day, knowing i must live my life this crazy way? Heavenly Father, forgive all my sins.

Give me strength to resist the wild life I desire. Help me escape temptation and the fire. Please help my family whose eyes silently plead for me not to do wrong and they pray for me. God bless our mothers who cry every night, worrying we’ll be killed by someone in a fight.

Heavenly Father, please answer my prayers. Please let me know that you’re listening up there. When will it end? What’s it all for? To prove my homies I’m down; I’m Hardcore?” Sometimes I wonder how i will die… By a bullet wound or a knife in my side? Heavenly Father, please hear me tonight.

Show me the way, Lord; Show me the light. Give my heart peace so I won’t have to fight. Thank you for your forgiveness and for still being there. Most of all thank you for hearing my prayer.

Was going through my old stuff and saw this. I’m pretty sure i got it from somewhere.

Archived date: November 28, 2008